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Casa Elvira

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Accommodation in Bukovina

CASA ELVIRA (ELVIRA MANSION), property of Băieş family from Vama village, is situated right at the crossroads between trans-carpathian main road Suceava – Cluj Napoca (E576) and historical road to the holy Monastery Vatra Moldoviţei, at only 100 meters from Moldoviţa river, only 1 km higher than the fusion with the legendary river – Moldova.

The unique geographical placement, only 15 km from Vatra Moldoviţei, 20 km from the holy Monastery of Voroneţ, 25 km from Humor Monastery and 25 km from the Rarau mountain, different possibilities for arrival (on the road, from three directions, on the railway and by plane – through Suceava international Airport – only 50 km far) and the rare charme of the neighbourhood makes CASA ELVIRA a “must see and stay” place on the map of every holiday route, any season and any hour.

The Bucovinian winter, with its rich snows, spring with its wonderful and well-preservates Holy Eastern, more wonderful than any place in Romania, summer full of flowers, fruits and surprises in high country of Bucovina forests and long fall, full of sun and harvest are some reasons for forgetting the daily problems. Facilities: 30 places in 4 suits and 8 dual rooms.

We promise you that here, at Casa Elvira, you can be happy and free. Once, and once more… Contact co-ordinates: Cloşca street nr. 1 bis, 727590, Vama, Suceava county telephone: 0745 345 201 e-mail:


Holiday with your children

5/7 nights accommodation plus breakfasts
from June 1 to July 15
interactive workshop for beginners into the mysteries of glass painting and egg painting

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Vacanță în inima Bucovinei!

Holiday in the heart of Bukovina

5 nights stay
beginning Sunday
with breakfast
sightseeing and entertainment!

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Once upon a time in Bukovina…

Once upon a time, there was a family of worthy people who thought that there shouldn’t be a lasting soul that doesn’t enjoy the land of Bukovina, to experience a quiet meditation in the famous monasteries and let their spirit roam in the cathedral of the forests that looks the same as it did in the beginning of time. Everybody should enjoy the taste of the dishes, the authenticity of the traditions, but mostly the warmth of the hospitality of Bukovina.

Like any other story, ours had to take place in a special realm.

Where could the spirit of Bukovina be more pure than in a village which is not called Vama by chance, but because it has been the border between two worlds for centuries: historical Transilvania, from which Bukovina draws its traditions of purity and diligence and medieval Moldova, from which Bukovina adopted hospitality, culinary refinement and the orthodox humbleness.

Our guest house, CASA ELVIRA, is located in the village of Vama, in Suceava County, at the crossroad between the historical route from Moldova to Transilvania and the path that leads to the Moldoviţa Monastery. The car is not the only option for reaching us. You can also get here either by train, getting off at the Vama station or by plane, reaching the Suceava airport, located 50 kilometers away.

Although well hidden at the feet of the mountains, away from the loudness of the road, CASA ELVIRA is an ideal place for those looking for a glimpse of an ecumenical tourism, because from here you can easily get to the holy monasteries of Bukovina: Moldoviţa (15 km), Voroneţ (20 km), Humor (25 km). You can also reach the daring peek of Rarău, as well as get to TransRarău, the newest and most impressive mountain road in Romania.

Only a five minute car ride away from here and you get to two spectacular facilities offered by the town of Gura Humorului: the ski track and an Olympic-sized covered pool.

Our story is one of a family of three generations of people who welcome you in their home with open heart. It is a tale in which children have their own corner, with a wooden fort, swings and many other things they will enjoy, as well as almost a hectare of natural lawn for them to free their spirit in the fresh mountain air.

It is also a modern story, because for the parents, we suggest they try out our sport facilities (basketball, volleyball and table tennis), but also enjoy the spaciousness of the pavilion with an oven and a grill or of the dining room and its luminous hallways in which they can socialize.

Our story is also for the rather glutton ones, because a visit at our guest house means sharing our extraordinary dishes. We proudly offer you dishes that are cooked following old recipes from Bukovina, which exclusively use ingredients we prepared at home or that we carefully chose from the locals, who still master the craft of preparing products you will not find at the supermarkets. The ones who taste our smoked specialties, our mushroom borsch or our blueberry liqueur will fall in love with CASA ELVIRA forever.

In every authentic Romanian household, the holidays have a tale of their own. Our special holiday schedule for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Easter offers you not only a return to the Romanian traditions, so well preserved in Bukovina, but also a permanent care for the comfort and entertainment of the guests.

Main attractions in Bukovina

If you still believe in tales, we welcome you here wholeheartedly, if you don’t believe in tales anymore, we will welcome you the same so you convince yourselves that a visit in Bukovina at CASA ELVIRA isn’t just a vacation, but a true pilgrimage to a rich and holy place.

Here are the monasteries in Bukovina that you can visit from the proximity of Casa Elvira: Dragomirna Monastery, Humor Monastery, Moldoviţa Monastery, Probota Monastery, Putna Monastery, Râşca Monastery, Suceviţa Monastery, Voroneţ Monastery.

No matter the road chosen by a tourist finding himself in Bukovina, the meeting with the Pietrele Doamnei (Rarău) natural reserve, one of the most spectacular from the Carpaţi Mountains in Romania, is breathtaking even for a fancier of the mountains.

Discoveries of salt deposits were made in the proximity of what is called today Cacica. In 1798, a saline was exploited and it became famous for the exhibits that can be visited inside: the Saint Varvara Roman Catholic Chapel, the Salted Lake and the dancing hall also known as “Sala Ing. Agripa Popescu”.

Lucina Horse Farm and the natural reserve found near Moldova – Suliţa, in the Lucina village, at an altitude of 1200 meters.

We also recommend you visit the “Art of Wood” Museum and the Collection of spoons “Prof. Ioan Ţugui” from Câmpulung Moldovenesc, the Black Pottery from Marginea, the Egg Museum in Vama, the International Museum of painted eggs in Moldoviţa, the Ethnographic Museum in Rădăuţi, the Memorial House of Ciprian Porumbescu in Stupca. You can’t miss a ride with the train “Hutulca”.

Why choose Casa Elvira in Bukovina

  • The geographical location in the middle of Bukovina facilitates easy access to the main landmarks without having to go through long and tiring routes on foot or by car.
  • Having a placement right near the forest, you can benefit from peace and quiet, fresh air and a wonderful view.
  • In our 12 years of experience, we have learned from our mistakes and know how to surpass any difficulties or special needs.
  • Having a garden and a yard of over 10000 square meters, you have a lot of free space at your disposal, where children can run at will and safely and you can enjoy the intimacy you want.
  • The rooms have balconies, places from which you can breathe the fresh morning air of the fir tree forest, while enjoying a cup of coffee.
  • We use ingredients from our local producers; everything is made in our household in the same day. You can’t find products like this at the supermarket.

Who is Elvira?

She is the keeper of good old traditions.

Elvira is the grandmother who passes to the young ones family customs, culinary secrets and hospitality, the secret ingredient of our ancestors. And she taught them well.
You will meet a family of worthy, hardworking who will invite you in their home, three generations of warm people who know many ways to make you feel welcome and wonderful.

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